Mathcad Prime: Functions & Automation

Computerized motorcycle
A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Mathcad Prime
April 29, 2019
Computerized motorcycle

Throughout this webinar, our seasoned Mathcad Specialist will review how to create custom functions and programs within PTC Mathcad Prime. Custom functions and programs can help speed up your documentation by enabling the automation of repetitive tasks and calculations. Topics covered include:

  • Automation capabilities
  • Creating custom functions
  • Creating custom programs
  • and more

After the webinar, Mathcad users will be able to streamline their documentation process, reducing any headaches caused by repetitive calculations.

Webinar Q & A

Can you do a webinar on how to build custom functions into Mathcad Prime 5?

  • Yes, we’ll definitely plan to do a webinar on this topic in the future!

How do you solve systems of equations in Mathcad?

When is the custom function going to be updated to compile against .NET languages and not C++?

Unfortunately, not sure when/if this will be updated. No available product roadmap for Mathcad Prime to view coming updates.

Is there a way to define which Excel cells show up in an Excel Component?

Yeah, you can change which cells show up by changing the cells that are shown in the Excel object window that pops up when double clicking on the cells in an Excel component. When you have the desired cells showing in Excel, either hit the save button or close the Excel window to update the Excel component cell display. Please see this short video for a visual walkthrough on how to change the displayed cells: Resize Excel Component Cell Display Also, check out: PTC Mathcad Prime Help Document on Formatting Excel Components

Is there a way to change the default Math Formatting setting. For instance, I want to make my current and future sheets show answers in decimal form with 3 sig figs. Is there a way to make that possible or is the default math formatting not adjustable?

The best way to do this is to create a worksheet with all the custom formatting and sheet options you would like to have, then save it as a template. There is a “My Template” folder created by the Mathcad Prime installation for this purpose. Then, the next time you create a new document, you select the option to create a new document from a template and select the template you created with all of the custom sheet options. Be sure to “Save As” a worksheet before editing so no accidental changes are made to your template.

Can you review my Mathcad problems?

Sure, you can always reach out to us with problems or challenges at!

How do you import external data (.xls) for the programming functions?

We can import external data as matrices or vectors from many different sources. From there, we can use them in functions and programs like we would use any other matrix or vector variable. See the following videos on importing data into Mathcad Prime: Using Excel with PTC Mathcad PrimeIntroduction to Data Exchange.

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