Real-Time Simulation



Speed-up the design process with real-time-feedback on your modelling decisions, without leaving CAD. Creo Simulation Live is ground-breaking, easy to use technology that performs structural, thermal, and modal analysis on 3D CAD designs in seconds.


What is Creo Simulation Live?

Creo Simulation Live delivers instant feedback on your design decisions in your CAD environment as you work. You no longer need to guess at how your design might perform under real-world conditions. You iterate fast, incorporating as many design changes as you want, confident that you’ve made the best-informed decisions possible.

Learn more about the value of using real-time guidance as you design: View Datasheet


Creo Simulation Live Plus: Fluid Flow Analysis

Creo Simulation Live has been upgraded in Creo 7.0 to now provide the ability to do a fluid simulation study. Built specifically for designers, the software gives you real-time fluid flow, thermal, structural, and modal simulation capabilities directly integrated within your Creo environment.

Fluid Flow Simulation Capabilities include:

  • Fluid Domain Creation
  • External Flow
  • Internal Flow
  • Results Display and Interactive Probes
  • Fluid Flow and Temperature Simulations
  • Streamlines, cut planes, particles, and Direction Field

Structural Analysis

Make rapid design and development decisions with Structural Analysis in Creo Simulation Live. Determine the structural integrity of components subject to real-world constraints and constant loading conditions.

With Structural Analysis you can expect to:

  • Determine accurate stresses, strains, and displacements in your product
  • Conduct linear static analyses
  • Loads and boundary conditions are easily applied and use engineering terminology

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis in Creo Simulation Live allows engineers to identify and resolve design flaws early in the process when the cost and effort to implement change is low. Analyze the effects of intense heat or cold by adding boundary conditions to your geometry.

With Thermal Analysis you can expect to:

  • Simulate the effects of temperature on a product
  • Analyze conduction and convection heat transfer
  • Use highly configurable distributions to apply loads to geometry
  • Transfer Thermal Analysis results to Structural Analysis to understand impact of thermal load

Modal Analysis

Eliminate reliance on prototypes and late stage information with Modal Analysis in Creo Simulation Live. Evaluate and predict the natural frequencies of your system and the associated mode shapes.

With Modal Analysis you can expect to:

  • Determine natural frequency modes of vibration
  • Automatically handle rigid mode (unconstrained) cases
  • Determine buckling loads or solve unstable snap-through problems

What is PTC Creo?

Creo is a 3D CAD solution that helps you build better products faster by accelerating product innovation, reusing the best of your design and replacing assumptions with facts. Go from the earliest phases of product design to a smart, connected product with Creo. And with cloud-based augmented reality in each seat of Creo, you can collaborate with anyone, instantly at any step in the product development process. In the fast-changing world of the Industrial IoT, no other company can get you to substantial value as quickly and effectively as PTC.

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